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Options for Your Mulch Home Delivery Service

Mulch Types You Can Order

If you have a yard, there’s a good chance that you’re using mulch as a way to keep it looking beautiful and curb appeal high. But, while there are numerous types of mulch available out there that can be used for this purpose, some are better suited to certain areas than others. Below are three of the mulch home delivery options you can order in your area and their pros!

Organic sulfur

Organic sulfur is one of the more popular types of mulch available today. It’s made up of the highest-quality organic matter, and it comes in different colors depending on its makeup. Because of this, organic sulfur is often referred to as black gold when talking about organic fertilizers! It’s used to improve soil structure and increase vital nutrients. Because it also reduces weeds and prevents weed growth, it can be used in lawns or gardens without having to handle weed control manually.


Compost is another popular mulch option that’s sweeping across many areas. It’s made up of dead plant matter, wood chips, and other organic materials that have been broken down by microorganisms in order to form a brown-colored mixture. Compost is often used in landscaping because it helps improve soil structure, adds vital nutrients to the soil profile, reduces weeds, and keeps the soil cool by reducing evaporation rates.

Wood chip

Wood chip mulch is made up of small pieces of wood that help retain water while still keeping your plants well-watered. Wood chips are great at improving soil structure due to their size and shape, which means they’ll prevent soil erosion while also preventing slips & falls at home! They’re also great at binding soil together through their shape, which means they’ll keep larger particles together and prevent them from washing away during heavy rain events.

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