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Maintaining Your Bulk Red Mulch

How to Care for Your Mulch

Many believe that once much is added, it needs no further consideration. The product does require maintenance. We wrongly believe that it just sits there doing its work. If you have bulk red mulch in your yard, here is what you should do to keep it in place and retain its quality:

Refresh its beautiful color.

Over time, the mulch color fades due to its exposure to sunlight. Your non-dyed mulch may become a grayish color in one to two months, while dyed red compost may keep its color for a year or longer. Eventually, all products will fade without maintenance. So, what’s the trick to brightening pale mulch? The easiest way to add a thin layer of fresh mulch onto the surface. However, before doing that, you should examine the condition of your existing topsoil. How deep are the old layers? How long has it been since you’ve replaced mulch? Is the mulch soggy or decomposing? If the old mulch is already rotting, it’s time to replace it.

Remove weeds.

Although it’s one of the best ways to keep weeds at bay, they will eventually grow here and there. Once you notice their presence, you need to add more red mulch. Keeping the layer at least two inches thick is the perfect way to keep those harmful plants from growing. Next, make sure to pull them by hand in order not to damage the layer of mulch. Also, prepare to apply herbicides if recommended by your landscaper.

Keep your mulch from washing away.

During heavy rainfall, your compost might wash away from your garden. To prevent that from happening, keep adding new mulch every time you see the previous one has disappeared.

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