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How Can a Bulk Mulch Delivery in the Spring Benefit Your Landscape?

Why Do You Have to Mulch Your Garden in the Spring?

If you live in a house with a front yard and you want to make your home more aesthetically appealing than ever, one of the methods to achieve it is through bulk mulch delivery for the plants. But why in the spring, and what makes seasonal mulching so important?

When the winter has gone, the vegetation needs nutrients to build up the strength to wake up after the low temperatures. A layer of topsoil will be like a fresh start for all your plantings. High-quality dirt will promote vigorous seedling growth. A solid layer of mulch will support seedlings as they put down roots and prevent them from being damaged by strong winds, heavy rain, and damage from wildlife. Spring is the season when you also increase irrigation. As the temperatures gradually rise, adding a layer of mulch will help retain moisture around the root system of your flowers, trees, shrubs, and other plants. You can control the optimal temperature of the soil wish is crucial for your landscape.

Delivering the right amount of mulch in the spring will also prevent the overgrowth of weeds. Aside from their ability to crowd out seedlings, weeds are a pain to eliminate later on during the summer months. Laying down a mat of quality bark or chip mulch around the plants you’d like to thrive will keep weeds at bay. Spring is the perfect season to enrich the soil with the relevant nutrients and reduce the effect of soil erosion. An adequate layer of rich compost will ensure that the soil in your yard won’t fly away during heavy wind and storms.

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